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Secondary School

Message from the Head of Secondary School

At Secondary School we offer the very best in education to students from many different backgrounds and cultures who are united by eagerness to learn and to develop under the guidance of our very dedicated staff.

What we provide is designed to meet the needs of parents and students keen to embrace an international education. In 7 and 8, we adhere to the British National Curriculum. Those in Grades 9 and 10 go on to complete IGCSE qualifications.

Those members of the school taking part in the Bilingual programme complete classes modelled on the British curriculum, including IGCSE, in addition to the Berlin Senate´s Rahmenlehrplan. Thus these students emerge at the end of Grade 10 with qualifications in the British (IGCSE) and German (MSA) systems.

Grades 11 and 12 pursue the IB Diploma. Competition for places at IB level is intense, with an entry policy in place for those wishing to study the Diploma. Those who do not meet these requirements may still attend Grades 11 and 12 but would complete IB Courses or Certificate.

Our students emerge from the school as well-rounded young people who have embraced the values of British education, yet who at the same have been exposed to other approaches and traditions.

This indeed is our hope: to assist our students in becoming open-minded members of society with a tolerance of others and awareness of different outlooks.

We do not believe that education is hard labour. We do have high expectations of our students, and diligence on their part is assumed. However, we realise, too, that their development hinges on all sorts of other areas of enrichment. The performing arts, trips, after school activities, clubs and sporting competitions – these are all an integral part of the school's identity and just as important as activities in the classroom. 

From Monday to Thursday the school offers before school supervision from 8:00, Friday's school day begins at 8:15. Lessons begin at 8:30 and end at 15:20. The school day ends at 16:00. Students who wish to avail of the After School Clubs also have the opportunity to stay until 16:30.

You are always welcome to visit Secondary or to pass on any enquiries, which I will be glad to answer. 

Dominic Coutts
Head of Secondary School

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