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Mittlerer Schulabschluss
(German intermediate school-leaving qualification)

In Grade 10 all students in the bilingual stream will sit the exams to get the MSA. The MSA can be compared with the IGCSE as it proves that the student has successfully completed secondary education.

The MSA exams at BBS differ from those at the local state schools, as we have the approval (Genehmigung), but not the full recognition (Anerkennung) to operate as an Ersatzschule in Berlin. Consequently, our students sit a so-called “Nichtschülerprüfung” but will receive the same MSA qualification and an equivalent MSA certificate. Our students will complete 3 written exams in the subjects German, English and Math.

Additionally, our students have to pass 5 oral exams. One of the oral exams is a presentation in one of the Humanities studied in German. The 4 oral exams are either in the subjects Mathematics or German, in English, in History or Politics and in one of the Sciences.

The student will pass the exam if the average grade of all exam components is under 4,0. If the student achieves an average grade between 1,0 - 3,0 he or she will receive the qualification to carry on with higher education at a “gymnasiale Oberstufe” in order to get the Abitur.