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Monolingual Stream

Ergänzungsschule/ Private International School

Our Primary School is a five minute walk from Berlin’s historic Olympic stadium in the suburbs of Charlottenburg. The single story building, which is home to K3 and Grades 1 to 5, has open, airy and bright learning spaces, as well as a library, music room and two gymnasiums. There is a large and well-equipped playground.

The school day begins at 08:30 and finishes at 15:20.

At our Primary School (Grades 1-5), we are authorised to offer two separate streams - monolingual and bilingual

Monolingual School (private international school): a monolingual English stream to Embassy families and to children who are new to Berlin, highly mobile and don't speak enough German to learn bilingually. The term "highly mobile" applies to those who are likely to be in Berlin for under three years and students must obtain a 'Schulpflichtbefreiung' (exemption from the compulsory German school system), which the school will assist you with.

We have been developing our curriculum throughout the school in order to better prepare our students for the challenges facing global citizens.

By linking subjects in context and providing a programme of structured inquiry, we provide students with the opportunity for critical thinking. Lessons are characterised by differentiated activities tailored to meet the individual needs of the children. Regular reporting and close contact with parents ensure that channels of communication on children’s progress are kept open.

Both streams are taught together as one class with the exception of Maths, PE and German where the students are taught in their respective stream.

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