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Primary Parent Representatives

Dear Parents and Guardians,

If you have any questions or issues about the school and you do not feel the need to reach out to a teacher, please feel free to contact the parent representatives.

The parent representatives participate in matters of general importance to the school in an advisory capacity. The parent representatives work on an honorary and unpaid basis.

The tasks include:

  •     to safeguard the interests of the parents
  •     to bundle the wishes and suggestions of the parents and to pass these on to the school management,
  •     to participate in the deliberations of the school conference.

The school keeps the parent representatives informed about all matters of general importance regarding the school.

Grades 1-2

Mrs Davison

Grades 1-2 monolingual

Mrs Boss

Grades 1-2 bilingual

Grades 3-5

Mrs Remie

Grades 3-5 bilingual

Mrs Zeray

Grades 3-5 monolingual