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*** Special Leave of Absence

For any special leave requests, please submit your request well in advance, preferably at least two weeks beforehand, to avoid potential denial. Please submit your requests to who will inform the class teachers. Instances of denied leave will result in the absence being recorded as unauthorised.

Reasons for Special Leave of Absence

Leave of absence will be granted on a case-by-case basis. Pupils can be granted leave of absence for the following:

  • personal reasons; e.g. doctor’s appointments
  • family reasons; e.g. marriage, death of a close relative
  • leave of absence before or after school holidays shall only be granted in exceptional cases.

Unauthorised Absences

  • Failure to register your child's absence will prompt an automated message from iSAMS, reminding you to do so. After receiving this message please fill in the online form above on the same day, otherwise the absence will be registered as unauthorised. 
  • Absences which are neither communicated within the aforementioned deadlines nor sufficiently explained in retrospect will be deemed unauthorised.

Pupil Appointments

  • Kindly communicate your child's medical appointments also on the online form above only.

If a pupil has 5 days of unauthorised absence from school in one term:

  • The school is obliged to inform the Berlin Senat (school authorities).
  • After a further five days of unauthorised absence, the Senat will be notified again.
  • The Senat then informs the Jugendamt (youth welfare office) and the educational psychology service about the absence.
  • The school will invite the pupil’s parents/ guardians to a meeting. The Senat will determine further procedures in accordance with the Berlin School Law (§ 126 SchulG).