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Spirit Week

Spirit Week

Earlier this term, Fatima Ahmed in Grade 12 suggested organizing a “Spirit Week.” As the name suggests, this occasion is designed to raise the morale of an institution, and the enthusiasm of the students involved in this event certainly suggested spirits were raised. Thank you to Fatima and others in Grade 12 for turning an interesting idea into a vibrant and popular reality.

The first four days of the week were given a theme for the students to observe. Monday was “Pyjama Day;” Tuesday saw a return to the sartorial standards of the 1970s; Wednesday witnessed students and some teachers matching one another´s dress; and Thursday was dedicated to monochrome outfits of startling diversity and sometimes hue. 


Each day tutors awarded points to those members of their forms who had gone above and beyond in responding to the theme of the day. The house deemed to have performed best was Sapphire, who were duly granted a non-uniform day on Friday.

The results:

Amethyst - 26% 

Emerald - 17% 

Ruby - 21%

Sapphire - 36% 

As well as Fatima, the following members of Grade 12 were instrumental in running Spirit Week: Romaan Faisal, Lou Miglietta, Hans Münzing, Samuel Tertel and Andrew Tran.

Fatima writes:

Over the summer before the new school year, my friends and I met to discuss what we wanted to organize for our CAS project. We had already established that we aimed to organize an event that would bring the students of our school together, creating stronger bonds between members of the student body. After what seemed like hours of brainstorming, we all finally agreed on Spirit Week.

Essentially, the week consisted of four days, all of which were assigned a theme. Considering our school has a house point system, we decided to incorporate that into the week as well by awarding the house that earned the most points throughout the week with a non-uniform day on the fifth day. Points were granted to students who depicted the themes best through their clothing. 

Spirit Week was considerably successful. Each day the students really illustrated their creativity and commitment to the event and it was very satisfying to witness this. Communication and collaboration between students flourished, which was the goal of the event so I am quite happy with how Spirit Week turned out all in all.