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Induction days for Grade 6

Induction days for Grade 6

Dominic Coutts, Head of Secondary

Several days were set aside at the start of the school year to help members of Grade 6 settle in to life at their new school.

The idea was to introduce the children to how things work on our site, as these are sometimes different from at Primary, and in general to help them to get to know their teachers and to share one another´s company outside lessons.

This proved to be a great success and I am pleased to say that Grade 6 have made an excellent start to the year, setting very high standards and impressing everyone by their positive approach and enthusiasm.

The pictures included here show Grade Six on a trip into the woods surrounding Secondary.

I am especially grateful to Miss Thomas and Miss Ferreiro, who as Grade 6 tutors were involved in the running of the programme, and to Miss Keating, whose idea it was to dedicate several days to the Grade 6 transition.