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Berliner Tafel at Secondary

Berliner Tafel at Secondary

Since 1993 the Berliner Tafel has been working towards the avoidance of food waste in Germany and supporting those in poverty. By collecting unsold but fresh food - perfectly edible produce which would otherwise land in the bin - the Tafel avoids waste and benefits socially and economically disadvantaged people.

Here are BBS students from Grade 11 helping out at the Berliner Tafel.

Every year, the Berlin British School gets involved with the Berliner Tafel by asking the parents and students at Primary and Secondary to donate a large bag of non-perishable food.

The students at Secondary also made a significant contribution to the collection. The house to donate the most was Sapphire.

There have been other occasions this year when students from Secondary have contributed to the valuable work of the Tafel. Among the photographs here you will see some BBS students volunteering to work at the Tafel's headquarters.  

For more information on the Berliner Tafel, please see:

Students in the Secondary School can also donate their time and help by unloading the lorries and giving out healthy and fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as canned and packaged food.