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A trip to the forest

A trip to the forest

Read about one Grade 4 boy's trip out to the Grunewald forest that ended up on top of a hill made of World War II rubble ... 

On Wednesday the 12th May, we went to the Grunewald. A path that had been stripped of vegetation awaited us, winding and twisting further into the vast forest. Trees the size of houses shaded us with welcoming leaves and shards of light entering through gaps in the branches.

We had been supplied with magnifying glasses and with them we examined the beetles and ants that crawled beneath our feet. We advanced to a hill made of World War 2 rubble that had been piled together like building blocks and began the walk up to the top, the walk was more like a climb, marble, bricks and hard concrete all poked their heads above the sandy soil.

At the top, Berlin spread below us like a map, the tower in Alexanderplatz could barely be seen through the mist. Our trek down brought us through a somewhat abandoned playground and a street of large brick houses that could accompany an elephant.

Johnny Sklavounos, Grade 4