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Varsity Boys GISST Football

Varsity Boys GISST Football

Paul Nicholson, GISST Coordinator

On Saturday 20th November, the Varsity Boys’ GISST football saw the BBS team starting slowly but emerging to play successful and positive football by the end. 

The GISST event was hosted by BBIS.

One team came up from Leipzig (LIS) and the rest from Berlin, namely, Berlin Brandenburg International School, BerIin International School and ourselves of course!

Though these events are much reduced in teams, for reasons that are clear, these strange times are not stopping us from supporting our pupils in training them and joining a fun and competitive event.

All teams showed their sporting side and, in a competitive, fast paced atmosphere, BBS gradually showed their spirit and footballing capabilities.

Had we started as we finished, we would have no doubt won a medal and trophy, but that's life and the learning curve.

Miss Philipp and I are very proud of the team, their attitude and willingness to challenge themselves, plus, in the end, the belief in the team.

Many thanks go to Miss Philipp for her help and support on the day.

The results in short:

1st BBIS, 2nd BerIS, 3rd LIS, 4th BBS