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U14 Girls GISST Football

U14 Girls GISST Football

The U14 Girls GISST football was a fantastic and successful experience at our Secondary site on Saturday 13th November.

One team came from Leipzig, LIS, and the rest from Berlin, namely BBIS, BIS and ourselves of course!

Though these strange times are stopping plenty from happening, we did manage to hold a fun and competitive event, reduced in teams for reasons that are clear.

There was the usual and obvious challenge for the younger students playing against students two years older, both in age, experience and fitness/strength. But all teams showed their great sporting side and there were no injuries or moments of bad sportsmanship. 







Many thanks go to Mr Allum and Miss Philipp for all their help and support.

Also a thank you to Miss Ferrerio and Miss Eckert for coming along and cheering the girls on.

Both Aaya and Kristina were excellent at refereeing, for their CAS, but were very professional and strong referees. 

They were also supported by a professionally qualified referee who often referees our events. So well done again.

A huge thank you goes to Mr Joseph for coaching and training the girls at Secondary, enabling and supporting those that come, to practice and improve the art of football! 

The results in short: 1st BBIS, 2nd BerIS, 3rd LIS, 4th BBS