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GISST Varsity Boys & Girls Badminton 2021

GISST Varsity Boys & Girls Badminton 2021

Paul Nicholson, GISST Coordinator

On Saturday 4th December, BBS hosted the annual Varsity boys and girls GISST Badminton tournament.
By the end of the day there were many sore arms and legs from so much play, but everyone acquitted themselves with honour. Especially the boys, being in such a very strong group and finishing the tournament in a very respectable 2nd place!


The girls, led by the experienced Greta, showed tremendous courage and gave everything, against much more experienced players than themselves. They finished in an admirable 4th place.

Everyone had plenty of fun, success and gained lots of experience.

Girls Team: Greta, Aira, Chaeyoung, Hanis
Boys Team: Viktor, Bora, Leon, Hans

The CAS students, Buhle and Agata, who gave up their time on a Saturday to help make the stall a success, and also raised Euro 51 for the Laughing Hearts charity. 

Many thanks go to:
Mr Allum for doing such a professional job with the time keeping and huge court management job.
Mr Downey for doing such a great job scoring and stepping in at such short notice.
Ms Philipp and Ms Frost for supporting the event in every way possible.
Mdm Ardaens and Dr Makshinskiy for training the team and then later for being there on Saturday too.