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GISST U14 Boys Football Tournament in Leipzig

GISST U14 Boys Football Tournament in Leipzig

After two years of no competitions, the U14 Boys finally got the opportunity to compete in a watered down one-day GISST tournament. They travelled to a cold, damp Leipzig school by train early on Friday morning returning in the evening. There were just four teams in the tournament, Leipzig and the three Berlin teams.

In the end, our team finished in fourth place, but should certainly not be too disappointed with the result. We were by far the youngest team there, with the team being composed predominantly of Grade 6 boys; seven in total.

It was a fun day and a great learning experience for all involved.

Team: Ben (Captain), Nabil, Vincent, Phillip, Francisco, Demid, Finlay, Leopold, Noah, Arthur, Cyrus, Leopold, Henry, Daniel, Nikolai