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Our Prom night

Our Prom night

Prom is traditionally organised by Grade 8s at BBS. For years this hasn’t been possible. But we decided to live up to the tradition this year and as a group of five, we chose to try it.

The time till prom flew by and before we knew it, we were running around the site of secondary school in our ball gowns. Most of the people who had decided to come had put in a large amount of effort in not only their clothing, but also in lifting the atmosphere.

Everyone seemed to enjoy it and the highlight definitely was a group of grade 6s and 7s stepping onto the stage and performing an unchoreographed but yet unforgettable dance.

We would also like to thank the PTA for supporting the event by buying us pizza, cookies and fancy mocktails to drink as we arrived.

The picture wall also gained quite some attention towards the end. We sold an uncountable amount of polaroid pictures for people to keep as memories. Like this, we not only created a memorable event, but also contributed to the Japian Stevens Foundation and the Red Cross in Berlin to help Ukrainian refugees by giving the money raised from selling tickets, away.

We really hope that the following Grade 8s keep up this tradition. Organising this event really made it feel like everything was coming back to normal since the pandemic, where we could sometimes not even come to school. It was a great end to the year!

By Charlotte, Helena, Clara, Klara and Leni (Grade 8).