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Junior and Intermediate Mathematics Challenges

Junior and Intermediate Mathematics Challenges

On Tuesday 17th May we celebrated the excellent effort of all the students who took part in the Junior and Intermediate Mathematics Challenges in April and February of this year. At lunch, the Mathematics Department hosted the students from Grades 6, 7, 8 and 9 who participated and handed them their certificates. As Grade 10 are in the middle of exams, unfortunately, they were unable to join us this time. Named below are the students who were involved in the competition, along with those who went on to achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates for their scores. 

Junior Maths Challenge
Jona, Anna, Finlay, Aadya, Thomas, Fianna, Doga, Noah, Siobhan, Millena, Rachel and Jenny
Bronze: Mulan (best in Grade), Duru, Marika and Clara
Silver: Enzo and Danny
Gold: Sermed (best in Grade) and Felix

Intermediate Maths Challenge
Maria, Nikolai, Kitty, Xian, Chaeyoung, JD, Matilda, Pauline, Polina and Helene
Gold: David (best in Grade) and Heidi
Silver: Abigail, Johann, Julia, Theo (best in Grade) and Viktor
Bronze: Anna (best in Grade), Cihan, Hillary, Lianna, Mogau and Rafaela 

It was wonderful to have the opportunity to gather everyone together and mark the occasion. We very much look forward to the future Mathematics challenges and watch this space for the next year's competitions.