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Grade 8's trip to Krakow

Grade 8's trip to Krakow

Adam Barclay History Teacher/ Grade 6-8 Coordinator

The Grade 8 students embarked on a truly impactful and memorable trip to Krakow. Their visit to Auschwitz showcased their exemplary behavior and respect, reflecting their maturity and empathy. It was heartening to witness their engagement during the subsequent meaningful discussion, where they demonstrated their ability to retain and reflect on the information they had learned.

Exploring the captivating old town of Krakow further revealed the students' trustworthiness and maturity. They navigated the city with responsibility and appreciation for its rich history and cultural heritage. They also showcased their remarkable appetite to consume seemingly endless quantities of KFC chicken.

The highlight of Saturday was the visit to the fascinating salt mine, descending over 80 meters below the ground. The students embraced this unique experience, marveling at the intricate salt formations and immersing themselves in the strange sensation of being deep underground.

The Grade 8 trip to Krakow was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impression on both the students and their educators. It served as a powerful educational journey, fostering personal growth, cultural understanding, and cherished memories.