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U14 Badminton Tournament

U14 Badminton Tournament

Mr. Murphy and Mr. Nicholsonm P.E. teacher & GISST coordinator

On Thursday 7th December, three girls and two boys, Mr. Murphy and Mr. Nicholson travelled by train, to Duisburg, for the annual U14 boys and girls GISST Badminton tournament.

On the first day, all the BBS representatives played their best and gained lots of experience against some very strong competition.

Our hosts, St. George’s, were excellent and put on a very welcoming competition.

On the second day, our players used thier experience gained on Friday and played really well. Both girls and boys gained more points and won more games than they did on Friday! We are very proud.

Everyone had plenty of fun and gained lots of experience. Thank you for a highly successful tournament.