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GISST Cross Country 2023

GISST Cross Country 2023

The GISST Cross Country runners had a fantastic day - the weather rainy then sunny - and a successful experience in Leipzig on Friday 10th October 2023.

They once again gave their all and fought against the challenges put before them. Respect!

We encountered the usual strong opposition, muddy puddles and having to run 2.8 or 5 km's (depending on their age). The challenge for the younger students of running against students two years older than them, both in age, experience and fitness/strength, is a tough one, but one that was very much overcome this year, as every year.

It is such a huge sign of mental strength when students choose to come back and to challenge themselves to improve on their time and efforts from the first year’s experience. This is what sports participation can give you.

We are so proud of them.

My thanks go to Mr. Murphy and Ms. Philipp for coming with us and helping to make it the day it was.

A huge thank you goes to Ms Eckert, Ms Folan and Mr Murphy for hosting the running clubs at Secondary, enabling and supporting those that come, to practice and learn the art of running! Thank you.

The results in short: U14 girls came 3rd overall. U14 boys finished 2nd overall, but only missed 1st place by 5 points! Well done indeed to you all. Varsity girls were once again 6th overall! The competition this year was much greater in numbers and speed! A huge well done here. One of our Varsity boys was 1st and broke the course record time, so raised the standard even higher. Respect and well done!

The team finished 5th overall.