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5x5km Relay Races

5x5km Relay Races

On Wednesday, Berlin Tiergarten, witnessed the annual Berlin Wasserbetriebe sponsored 5*5km relay races. For Corona reasons, this is the first time since 2019 that it was held. 1330 teams with 6650 participants took part and the BBS fielded 5 teams made up of students and staff.

Our team comprising Viktor (G12), Adi (G11), Pietro (G11) and Leon (G11) plus Andy Brian came first in the “Youngsters” category and 5th overall of the 1330 teams. For the total 25 kms they clocked the extraordinary time of 1 hour and 44,47 minutes.

Two of our other teams came in second and third in the overall Youngsters category. The first was made up of Verena Philipp, Katharina Chave, Ella and Etienne as well as Andrew Walsh. The other team was made up of Andrii, Chloe and Mark, as well as James McNerney and Nicole Frost.

Our all staff team made up of Francis Murphy, Andrew Walsh, Mark Stephenson, Phil Tietjen and Andy Brian also achieved an excellent time at 1 hour and 51,41 minutes, achieving place 21 overall. A second staff team made up of Andy Brian, Camilla Eckert, Francis Murphy, Emma Folan and Adam Barclay also achieved a strong result. 

As you will have noticed, Andy Brian, Andrew Walsh and Francis Murphy ran in more than one team, obviously needing more than one race to get properly warmed up.