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School Fees

The Berlin British School gGmbH is a private school, subject to school fees. We want to ensure that all parents feel informed about our school fees. Our annual school fees and additional fees are set out below.

Please note, we do not accept the Kita Gutschein (Kita voucher) for Early Years.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Annual School Fees

Early Years/ Kita

KITA-Fees 2023-2024

Kita-Fees 2024-2025
International School / Ergänzungsschule
Ersatzschule (staatl. anerkannte bilinguale Grundschule & staatl. genehmigte bilinguale Sekundarschule)

ESS-Fees 2023-2024

ESS-Schulgeldordnung 2023-2024

Antrag Einkommensabhängiges Schulgeld 2023-2024 

ESS-Fees 2024-2025

ESS-Schulgeldordnung 2024-2025

Antrag Einkommensabhängiges Schulgeld 2024-2025

Additional Fees (Potential)

Lunch Service

After School Care

Extra Curricular Activities

School & Sport Uniform                                     

Private Instrument Tuition

School Governance

The Berlin British School gGmbH is a not-for-profit limited company through which the School conducts its operations. All of the company's shares are owned by the Berlin British School e.V., a ‘Registered Association’ under German law.

This Association's purpose is the promotion of British education and culture in Germany. The role of the Board of the Association is similar to that of a school's Board of Governors in the UK.