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Vision & Mission

Our Learning Principles form our school aims and are based upon the shared understanding that learning is most effective when:

  • Students are critical thinkers and construct their own knowledge and understanding through an inquiry-based approach.
  • Curriculum content is meaningful to the student and leads to interdisciplinary and conceptual understanding.
  • Thinking is visible and students collaborate effectively and respectfully with their peers and others.
  • Students are healthy, caring and have the self-confidence to learn from their mistakes, the perspectives of others and form their own opinions.
  • Students explicitly understand learning intentions and success criteria.
  • The learning environments and educational resources that students use are accessible, stimulate curiosity and embrace the dynamic possibilities of digital technologies.
  • Students explore and apply a variety of strategies to organise and approach their learning.
  • Students receive effective feedback based upon pre-set criteria and are intrinsically motivated to learn.
  • There is a broad and balanced curriculum through which students can experience success in a variety of different ways.