Year 10 – Movie Clip Design Project

During the second term both of Year 10 classes covered ‘Moving Image and advertisement’ as their main topic. Closely linked to the real world of film making, students had to work collaboratively in groups of max. 6 people and ‘conquer’ the Design brief. The Design brief asked each group to establish a creative visual concept to promote our school in an image movie. The creative teams had to decide on a concept, visualise their scenes on storyboards, make a teaser and present their ideas in a group to the Heads of School. The jury then decided on the winning concept.

As the aim of the project was to link it to the real world of film making, the students then had the chance to work with a professional film maker, Ben Mergelsberg who is specialised on Image films. In order to fund him coming into school, Year 10 organised a Bake Sale. Thanks again to those who donated yummy cakes and the Yaer 10s who raised over EUR 100 for their project.

Just before the Easter break Ben came to shoot the Year 10s Image Movie for BBS as part of their Design lesson and inspired by the winning concept. Year 10 and many more enthused Primary and Secondary students were involved in a mannequin challenge. Ben was very impressed by Year 10s cooperation, friendly staff and the wonderful Secondary campus.

Big thanks to all Year 10 students, both Primary and Secondary staff and Ben Mergelsberg.

Verena Philipp, Year 10 Form Tutor / Art and Design Teacher

Take a look at the final Movie Clip!