Tales from all over the world in Year 3

We all know the fairy tales such of our own childhood, i.e. mainly of the own culture. But that other countries all over the world have interesting tales, too, can be learnt from the story teller Heike Grützmacher. For more than five years she is coming to BBS with her inexhaustible repertoire. This year she visited our Year 3 students and brought a few fairy tales from all over the world with her.

The special thing about her story telling – dressed accordingly, she does not read the tales from a book or paper to the children, but she lively retells them by heart. The students are being involved, too. All together they sing some tales and have a close look at some “utensils from the fairy tale”. A perfect preparation and research is a prerequisite to do this. But that´s no problem for Ms Grützmacher – she is a “passionate story teller” and we are looking forward to welcome her again next year.

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