Inner Peace Day at BBS

On the 6th of March 2017 volunteers from around the world came to Berlin to introduce the UNESCO Project Inner Peace Day to more than 25 schools. The Inner Peace Day Programme is based on the motto: “How can we have a peaceful world if we don’t have inner peace within ourselves”?

A group of 6 international volunteers came to BBS and offered five workshops to Y4-6 students. Each workshop included games or songs, meditation and occasionally a story when the time allowed it. Simple techniques were shown, such as how to awaken and improve our attention while keeping silent.

inner peace y5

Our teachers could see and appreciate how focused and calm their students were after the workshop. Even the sceptical ones felt much more relaxed at the end of the workshop.

Here is one of our teacher’s feedbacks: “I never knew such calmness was possible with the year 5s. We all agreed it was sort of like having a shower at the end of a hot sweating day – somehow we all felt refreshed – all from a couple of minutes of peace. I think it’s probably the most important thing they’ve learned in a long time!”

“It would be great to have more of these kinds of activities in school”, another teacher said,” activities where we promote and experience moments of relaxation contrast to our usual hectic daily lives”.


It was our pleasure to welcome the international team who shared their knowledge with us. We are looking forward to many more such sessions at BBS!  Many thanks to Mrs Lembcke for organising such an interesting and important activity for our students.