´Book week´ found its way to BBS

From 27 February to 3 March BBS celebrated their annual ´Book Week´ with many special events all of which are designed to foster a love of reading which we hope will stay with the children all their lives.

The Book Week started with an Assembly on Monday, focusing on the work of author Oliver Jeffers. Afterwards all classes have taken part in a wide range of activities, including writing their own ‘mini-books’ in the style of Oliver Jeffers. A huge ´Thank you´goes out to Secondary staff and pupils who visited classes to read to the children, which was greatly enjoyed by all.

Vorlesen Year 6W Vorlesen Year 3 (2)

Vorlesen Year 2 Vorlesen Year 3

The book week culminated with the ‘Costume Parade’ on Thursday afternoon, before which the children watched an animated version of Oliver Jeffers’s delightful book ‘Lost and Found’. Finally came the hugely successful ‘Book Swap’. From Monday to Thursday of Book Week the children brought in gently used books that they no longer wanted to keep. For each book they brought in, the children received a BBS book token, which they could exchange for a book at the Swap Shop on Friday.

Aysha Yusupova Millena Zeray2 Amy Hofmann_neu Dasha Werner

Lilia Shrubsole Teddy Kim Nicole Frost Niamh Guilfoyle

You could also see the children this week in various ‘cosy corners’, reading for pleasure during the ‘Readathon’. All the children have had sponsor forms for this – the idea is that they can raise small amounts of money for every minute spent reading during book week. The money will be collected together and sent to ‘Laughing Hearts’, in order to purchase books for under-privileged children in Berlin.

Anton Schraven Henrietta Dixon

Franz Prothmann und unknown

Book Swap Book swap 2