“A Cuckoo in my Suitcase” at Early Years

The world of musical theatre captivates people from a very early age. Young children love to follow and participate in the play of colour and transformation, sounds and movement. With this in mind the Young Opera section of the Deutsche Oper Berlin launched the travelling production “A Cuckoo in my Suitcase” for kids aged 3 to 6. On 14 March the programme excited our little and older ones at Early Years.

In this musical play two very different strangers meet. Both are on a journey and happen to be stranded in a kindergarten. Their few belongings fit into a suitcase, practical and impractical things that mean a lot to them and which they’ve accumulated on the road. But there’s a snag: the two travellers speak different languages and are very different in other ways too, so conflict and friction is inevitable. But by means of sounds and gestures the two individuals manage to make themselves understood, tell their respective stories and the tales of the items in their luggage and along with the children in the audience discover the acoustic world of the other person.

All our children were thrilled by “A Cuckoo in my Suitcase” and talked about it all day long.

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